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    I help organisations and individuals to harness the power of storytelling and narrative for positive impact and systems change


  • Book launching 28 September 2021!



    The power of story to transform the world and ourselves


  • Alina Siegfried, impact storyteller, narrative strategist, systems change specialist and spoken word artist

    With the right stories, we can re-author the world

    Our world is facing many interconnected problems that threaten our livelihoods, global populations, and the ecological stability of the planet. Yet we have more tools and capacity to harness human creativity than ever before, and a unique post-COVID-19 opportunity to re-write the stories that underpin our lives.


    My mission is to help individuals, businesses, organisations, and governments to connect authentically through narrative, and find collective solutions grounded in systems thinking.

  • The world is built on stories. And because we are the ones who wrote them, we are the ones who can change them.

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  • How can I help?

    Alina Siegfried AKA Ali Jacs in a blue tshirt, and rusty orange beanie looking downwards and laughing at a microphone

    Ali Jacs poetry

    Under the alias Ali Jacs, I produce and perform spoken word poetry, to inspire, engage, and communicate complex messages. Performing for over a decade, I won the NZ National Poetry Slam in 2012, and can bring some creative energy to your next event.

    Alina Siegfried and two other women work collaboratively around a laptop

    Story consulting

    I can help with narrative strategy, story coaching, strategic communications, and injecting a healthy dose of creativity. If your organisation needs help redefining your narratives or bringing your stories to life, let's grab a coffee, either virtual or physical.

    A pen lying on an open empty page of a notebook

    Freelance writing

    Whether it's producing an impact report, content development and copywriting, or celebrating your organisation's products, customers, or team, I can help craft stories that inspire and unify.

    An open book lying on table, with the camera looking down the horiztonal perspective of the spine.


    I'm currently writing a book on storytelling, narrative, and systems change. As I'll be drawing heavily on real world examples, I'd love to hear your stories about how the power of narrative has connected people against the odds and brought about beautiful outcomes.

  • You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.”

    -Margaret Atwood

  • Stories

    A selection of my musings

    Several large yellow sunflowers with green foliage, against a blue sky background with a few wispy passing clouds

    Pure Advantage

    A 15-part series celebrating those on the leading edge of regenerative agriculture in New Zealand

    The back of a woman holding a globe against her side , looking outwards into a bright light


    An invitation to re-write our world and live into a new story of “the way things are”

    Black and white photo of former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange, looking to the right over his shoulder

    Edmund Hillary Fellowship

    One of New Zealand's proudest moments, it was the quip that made headlines worldwide

  • "Where the firm grip of reality meets the twisting, calloused hands of fine storytelling, there you will find me." - Ali Jacs

  • Watch

    A selection of my poetry performances. Watch more on YouTube.


    Creating Positive Change with Poetry

    Using the power of poetry, vulnerability, and personal narrative to inspire and bring about behaviour change.

    New Frontiers summit

    Big World Small Planet (The Remix)


    A poetic introduction to Johan Rockström's planetary boundaries framework, spanning 75,000 years of human development.

    New Frontiers summit

    A Cure for Them


    A call to stop 'othering' people and to focus on common unity, to combat increasing polarisation across the world.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    I use the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework by which to define the impact of my work. Learn more about the SDGs here.

    Image showing the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals
  • More about me

    My storytelling career has been built across diverse industries, locations, and experiences.

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